23 Sep 2008

Come on the 4th Annual Broke-Ass Stuart Pub Crawl

Have you ever had the desire to to roll around San Francisco in a big yellow school bus drinking beer and ransacking local bars?  If so, October 11th is your lucky day.  My buddy Ken has been planning these pub crawls for the past three years, and this year marks

Broke-Ass Stuart - Editor In Cheap 4
17 Sep 2008

Treasure Island Music Festival

If you’’‹re going’‹ to the Treas’‹ure Islan’‹d Music’‹ Festi’‹val,’‹ come over to the Indie’‹-‘‹Mart tent and say hi. If I’m not there’‹ selli’‹ng books’‹,’‹ keep your eyes peele’‹d for a a camer’‹a crew.’‹ Imeem’‹.’‹ com has asked’‹ me to be their’‹ on-‘‹camer’‹a host for the festi’‹val.’‹  How many beers’‹ do you think’‹

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05 Sep 2008

Waterfalls and Wings

I’m currently sitting in rural upstate New York with lots of time on my hands and an internet connection.  Therefore I thought it would be a good idea to update this here website with all my recent happening.  To begin with, Broke-Ass Stuart’s Guide to Living Cheaply in New York is

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21 Aug 2008

Great Comics about Cheap Stuff

Hey if you like cheap stuff and you like San Francisco, then you’ll dig Michael Capozzola’s comic “Cheap City”.  You can check out an archive of his shit at   And as a little taster, feast your eyes on this:    

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11 Aug 2008

Another Broke-Ass Stuart Book Signing!!

At Borders Books in Union Square San Francisco.  Saturday August 16th at noon. Just in case you missed out on August 1st’s book and body part signing, here’s your chance to make it happen.  Broke-Ass Stuart will be hanging out at Borders in Union Square and signing books for a

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07 Aug 2008

A new Broke-Ass Stuart interview!!!

Here’s the link if you feel like reading it.  stuart

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14 Jul 2008

Broke-Ass Stuart Book Reading and Signing Aug. 1st!!!

  At the Booksmith, 1644 Haight St., San Francisco, CA.  7pm. Broke-Ass Stuart has been called “an SF cult hero” (SF Bay Guardian blog), “Best Local Writer” (SF Weekly) and “the pimp daddy of budget travel” (Everywhere magazine), but to those familiar with his work, he’s just “that  douchebag who

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