Haley Pullos as Miriam Weeks, aka Belle Knox/Lifetime
11 Feb 2017

Lifetime TV Biopic About Teen Coed Porn Queen…is Actually Pretty Good

Lifetime TV, which launched some three decades ago as the “network for women”, (as in real life desperate housewives) has grown into a platform which is unafraid to tell real life stories that the major networks no longer have the guts to address. Lifetime has, on occasion, presented in-house productions

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10 Feb 2017

These Char Siu Pull-Apart Pineapple Buns will Make You Lose Your Mind

Most food bloggers will tell you they love the endearing Molly Yeh, the crossover queen (and friend of BAS) Gabi Moskowitz, or Puerto Rican Meseidy Rivera. While I do love those ladies, my favorite two food blogs that send my eyes into an ADHD frenzy are Lady and Pups and IAMAFOODBLOG.

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capital one cafe
10 Feb 2017

Capital One Cafes Doing Free Money Coaching to Help Change Your Relationship with Money

Thank you Capital One for sponsoring this post! This is a paid endorsement. All opinions are my own and were not directed by Capital One.  To learn more about Capital One, visit here. Wanna sponsor a post? Email I don’t have the best relationship with money. I’ve never been great

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10 Feb 2017

Shaun King Doing Last Minute Speaking Engagement in Oakland

If you don’t know who Shaun King is by now, you must not know how to use social media. He’s the Senior Justice Writer for the NY Daily News, an incredibly influential social justice advocate, and a goddamn master of social media. A couple months ago when we were helping raise

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weird & Wonderful
10 Feb 2017

The V-Day Ep of Weird & Wonderful Feat. a Dominatrix and On-Air Tinder Date

The newest episode of Weird & Wonderful with Broke-Ass Stuart is up and it is fantastic. Considering this is our Valentine’s Day special I interview Mistress Harley who is a Financial Dominatrix, which means people pay her to blackmail them! It’s amazing! Plus I go on a Tinder date with a woman

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Via -
10 Feb 2017

The KKK Sucks At The Internet (and fact checking)

What can you say about the Klan that hasn’t already been said? Ignorant.  Hateful. Cowards. Murderers. Terrorists. So their websites must be the goddamn worst. BUT you’d be surprised how much some, like The Loyal White Knights of the KKK, are ODDLY WELCOMING. To a point. But maybe they’re just

jakeh 1
10 Feb 2017

100 Year Old Woman Facing Imminent Eviction in San Francisco

Guest Post by David Bogachik, Project Dialogue for Life  Must you step over an ailing body to protect your property, Mr. Owens? Are you content with the cruel actions of your lawyers? There is a real and frightening possibility that a 100-year-old African American woman could die as a result of

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