Williamsburg meet Mission, Mission meet Williamsburg

As we all know, there’s a lot of cross traffic between San Francisco and New York.  If you live in one then it’s almost guaranteed that you have friends in the other.  This holds even more true when discussing Williamsburg and the Mission; it’s almost like they’re first cousins.  Sure one may be into Mariachi music while the other is in a Klezmer band, but there is some type of familial link there.  Or maybe it’s just that they’re both into really tight pants.  Regardless, many of us who live in one of these places, often misses the other.  



That’s why I’d like to introduce my East Coast fam to Mission Mission and my West Coast folks to Free Williamsburg.  Both of these sites have made it their business…no, their destiny, to bring you what’s really going down in their respective hoods.  So next time you’re feeling melancholy for the other Hipsterville, USA, check out one of these websites so you can almost feel like you’re there.

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