Fire Breathing Serpent on Treasure Island



photo from Laughing Squid


I think that slowly, year by year, San Francisco is morphing into Burning Man.  Every season there’s some new party that links back to the desert in some way and draws its inspiration from Black Rock City.  Tonight embodies this perfectly.  The Flaming Lotus Girls, who joined together in 2000 to create giant art pieces made from metal and fire, are displaying their masterpiece on Treasure Island.  The Serpent Mother will on display tonight from 7-midnight and the best part about it is that it’s interactive.  The audience, meaning you, gets to direct this big bad girl’s movements.  


My advice is bring a flask and a camera.  The flask will keep you warm and the camera will allow you to capture the best view of San Francisco as well as this 168 foot metal monster.  The best part is that this is completely free

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