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Saturday Solutions: FREE Parrots, So Co, and Coors if you play your cards right

Only a deep man love for Stuart – you’re ok too –  can explain the effort of getting this out this early on Saturday. I’ve only slept a few hours in the past 2 days and some of those were in the backseat of an Echo on St. Mark’s and 1st with old college roommates. It isn’t THAT surprising given the night: mexican food, shots at The Continental (5 shots for $10), Lit Lounge (open vodka bar with mandatory $1 tip), street Sparks, scratch ticket (we lost), $1 falafel, and an hour spent with a homeless man. Somewhere in the mix some construction workers called one roommate Robinhood. We asked why. “The shoes”, came without pause. A second worker joined and added, “No, its the hair”. My other friend suggested the pants. “Yea, I think my daughter would like those”. At 4 a.m. I chose solidarity, in this case slumber party in an Echo, over the hour sub back to Harlem.

Southern Hospitality 1460 2nd Ave. btw 76-77
If you are into this kind of thing, you can dress up in your team colors and get a free Coors. Mooching ends there, but then you can still get $8 pitchers, $3 Bud Light, and 2-for-1 Absolut shots. They will repeat the deal on the 6th as well.

Jake’s Dilemma 430 Amsterdamn btw 80-81
This is REAL southern hospitality: a leisurely 2 hour open bar for a stroll down head ache lane from 11pm-1am.

FREE Parrot Safari
Brooklyn Walking thing
Check out the post from 2 days ago for all the info. It is a walking tour about wild Quaker Parrots in Brooklyn.

Enjoy! I gotta go.

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Oliver Hartman - Resident Bargain Whorespondent

Oliver Hartman - Resident Bargain Whorespondent

Oliver was born in 1983, the year of the Pig according to the Chinese zodiac. He grew up in Whitefield, Maine, but since college has lived in Boston, Maui, Switzerland, Buenos Aires, San Francisco, Nicaragua, and New York making his bread as a waiter, cocktail boy, camp counselor, writer, english teacher, tennis instructor, guide, model, and design agency jackass.