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Free Filet Mignon Sandwiches – Going Fast

A pile of beautiful mini filet mignon sandwiches

For those of you who have the San Francisco book, you might remember a little passage that goes like this:


Morton’s Steakhouse:  400 Post St. @ Powell

I am a golden god for giving this one to you!  Yes my friends this one here is fucking gorgeous!  Every Monday-Friday from 5-7 this super high grade, upscale steakhouse offers FREE all you can eat mini filet mignon sandwiches if you buy a drink at the bar.  The one drawback is the cost of a drink; a bottle of Budweiser was $6.50.  But come on, you know it’s totally worth it.                                     

P.S.  I guess the whole golden god thing doesn’t apply if you’re a vegetarian.  Sorry celery munchers.


Well, I’ve got bad news for you.  I stopped into Morton’s yesterday to grab a few of my favorite happy hour freebies, and I started chatting up the bartender.  He was regretful to inform me that, since Morton’s is now expanding and building a new bar, the gorgeous little filet mignon sandwiches will cease to be free within a a couple months.  That’s right folks, you have two months or less to get in on one of SF’s best deals.  My advice is to go there as soon as you can, then beg and plead with them not to end the freebies.  Maybe we should start a letter writing campaign.  Anybody want to spearhead it?    

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  • Marin

    Completely not worth it, as the sandwiches have very little meat and aren’t as good as one expects. Better to grab a nice burger and beer from any nearby diner, as it will cost the same and you’ll be much more satisfied.