Free Admission to California Academy of Sciences on Wednesday

Greenest Roof Ever.

Greenest Roof Ever.

Ahhhhh SNAP!  It’s finally here.  The third Wednesday of the month, and you know what that means don’t you (other than that you’re period is late)?  It means that admission is FREE to the California Academy of Sciences.  This museum is so dope that it actually focuses on multiple sciences, not just one (that’s what the “s” on the end of  “sciences” signifies).  I read somewhere that it’s the biggest all green building of it’s kind.  It’s all kinds of sustainable and it even grows stuff on its roof.

San Francisco’s new favorite museum (that’s right, you heard me de Young), usually costs a whopping $25 to get in, and because of this it gets super packed every third Wednesday.  My advice to you is this: come early (it opens at 9:30 am) and wear riot gear.  It’s much easier to push people out of the way when you feel your body is properly protected.

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