Meet Gael Garcia Bernal and Diego Luna


for the ladies and Chelsea boys

for the ladies and Chelsea boys

Today the duo who shared women and saliva in “Y Tu Mama Tambien” are speaking at the SOHO Apple Store along with Carlos Cuaron, who wrote the script.   The trio will be talking about the new movie Rudo and Cursi, which stars the two actors and marks Cuaron’s directorial debut.   In case you forgot the plot of 2001′s “Y Tu Mama”, it is typical road trip that we’ve all done.  Girlfriends go away for summer, meet older woman who has been cheated on, plan trip to fictional beach, find fictional beach, watch friend have isolated sexual encounter with older woman, have isolated sexual encounter with older woman, have integrated tandem sexual encounter with older woman and make out with dude friend.    

Show up at least at 3:30 if you want a friggin seat or else you’ll have a repeat of the Spike Lee experience.


Where:  SOHO Apple Store (103 Prince Street)

When:  Today at 5:00pm 

also today:  Documentary filmmaker Gabriel Noble (6:30 pm) and Canadian director Adam Egoyan (8:00pm).

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  1. Alfredo Blancas says:

    I need to talk with Diego Luna because I wrote a movie and I want to show it to Diego, please could you send me the Diego Luna’s email

    thank you!

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