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Kelli Rudick Will Blow Your Feeble Mind

Let me just get this out of the way now.  Yes, Kelli Rudick used to date Khaki King.  But fucking a chick who’s sold a bunch of records is one the least important things about Kelli.  The important thing is the music.  Good god is it the music!

If you remember, she played a few months back with Judgement Day at Cafe Du Nord, and yeah, pretty much everyone there lost their shit.  And now she’s back and she’s playing at Amnesia on Thursday night.  I’m personally really excited about this because Kelli is one of my favorite musicians around, and I’ve missed her the past few times she’s come through SF.

Kelli seems to be catching on here too; she’s even on the front page of the 7×7 site right now.  But I know, all that other stuff I said doesn’t really mean much.  So let me just put it like this: KELLI RUDICK WILL BLOW YOUR MIND!!  She plays the guitar in ways you’ve never seen done before (she plays it like a fucking percussion instrument!) and she plays weird instruments you’ve never even heard of like the Array Mbira and the Nail Violin.  AND she does it all through a loop station thus allowing her to orchestrate entire songs.

I rarely tell you to go to an $8 show right?  But how many times have I led you astray (actually don’t answer that)?  Plus PBR is only $2 at Amnesia.  All I’m saying is that, if you don’t go to this show, you’ll be kicking yourself each time you friend who did go to the show brings up how awesome it was.  If you still don’t believe me just watch this video below:

Kelli Rudick w/ Sean Smith & the Present Moment, and Diego Gonzalez
Amnesia: 853 Valencia btw 19th & 20th Sts.
See you there suckas!

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