Look Ma I’m on TV Again!!

I recorded this when I was out in NY back in March.  It was done the same day as my NYC book reading and walking tour.  It was supposed to play both on TV and in the back of the taxi cabs, but then it got bumped because of something to do with Conan O’Brian.  So now it just lives on the web.  Conan you bastard, you owe me one! 


It may take a little time to load, so please be patient.  Enjoy!


Click here if you wanna see another clip that actually got aired on TV in New York.


If you live in NY or know someone who does, don’t forget to buy the book and feel free to leave a comment about it on amazon after you read it too.  Thanks!


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    “It’s a very long public service announcement. About 450 pages worth of it.” Funny!