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A loyal tipster named Ellyn just hipped me to this sweet sounding game night.  It’s happens every Wednesday and you even get to play the really cool games Like Axis and Allies.  I had a babysitter who was a D&D and board game nerd when I was a kid, and he always brought Axis and Allies to play while he sat us.  He was so cool that he was my second favorite babysitter.  I say second because I had a babysitter I used to make out with (yes seriously).  Now she was awesome!  But that’s a whole other story.  Anyways, here’s what Ellyn sent me about game night:

On the Corner hosts a Game night every Wed. In addition to $2.50 beers and $3 Sangria, they also have decent affordable food AND they collaborate with Gamescape (the really cool game store 2 doors down) so they have a great selection of high-end games. (the really cool expensive ones that you can never really afford and are fun to play drunk on cheap sangria with strangers).

Also, Thursday Free Movies at On the Corner on a huge wall screen @9:30 pm every Thursday
.. still $2.50 beers and $3 Sangria , popcorn and pizza specials

June 18 – Bullitt (starring Steve McQueen)
June 25 – Hedwig and the Angry Inch
July 2 – Rushmore

    If you’ve got a tip go here and let us know.

    On the Corner
    359 Divisidero @ Oak
    7-10 pm on Wednesdays
    FREE game night

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    1. Got any making out with the babysitter stories? I’d LOVE to hear them!!!

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