KUSF Rock and Swap — $1 records and a whole lot of nerdy vinyl

If talking about things like records, the history of records, your record collection or just how much vinyl you do own, you’re more than likely chained to an obsession. The record player, a now antiquated, dying, and chic machine, is bigger than ever these days. Now its time to stack up on all those Sun Ra records and hope your collection is better than the next dudes.
The peeps over at KUSF throw the Rock and Swap a few times a year, and its always an amazing haul. From $1 record bins [yep, you read right!] to the pricest, hard-to-find memorabilia, the vendors here sell it all. It’s the largest event of its kind in Northern California, and one of the only in the state.
Though there is an admission price to get in, there’s definitely something priceless about finding a mint copy of Thriller. I’ll be there tomorrow roaming the booths and bins — there is something comforting in the idea that even in a digital age, people still long for analog.

KUSF Rock and Swap
McLaren Hall, USF Campus
Sunday, August 9th, 10am – 3pm
$3 admission fee, USF students get in FREE!

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