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Nothing Comes Between Me and My Bean Bag

The other day, I was pondering what the greatest invention of all time has been. Penicillin? Ground breaking, but what’s a little syphilis between friends? The light bulb? Sure it all fun and games, until it’s last call at the bar and they flip on the lights for you to realize the babe you’ve been talking to is actually a little gnar-gnar. And that’s when I realized the true answer: draft beers for $1.75. The cause of, and solution to all of life’s problems.

Bean Bag Cafe not only offers broke-ass therapy in a glass for a bargain. Their menu also includes things like sweet crepes for $3.75. Or a plate of calamari for $4.95 if you’re kinky like that. With everything from breakfast to dinner to desserts, outdoor seating, it’s no wonder it’s often a clusterfuck and difficult to get a table.

If you’re looking for a cheap way to pretend like your mom used to read you bed time stories while she tucked you in, the price for the brews is undeniable. And nothing fills the void of an absent father like a plate fried tofu. All in all, Bean Bag is the best place in the Western Addition to spill your tears into cheap beers and laugh away the heartache one piece of squid at a time.

Bean Bag Cafe
601 Divisadero St [Cross St. Hayes]
(415) 563-3634

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Ryan Miller- Depleted Resource Analyst

Ryan Miller- Depleted Resource Analyst

Ryan Miller was raised in a small, quaint village named Portland, Oregon before spontaneously packing two suitcases, scrounging up $300 and catching a flight to San Francisco. Judging from his garbage, he is a connoisseur of Sun Chips and rather inexpensive wine. His personal goals are to refrain from hailing and accepting rides in random cars as well as greatly reduce the amount of hugs he provides for the homeless community. While touring Jamaica and prompted for his opinion on the prevalence of TB in third world countries, Miller eagerly asked, "They have Taco Bell here?"