NYU MEISA CMJ Battle of the Bands! Coat Sale!



I remember Battle of the Bands happening a lot in TV shows–there were at least seven on Saved by the Bell throughout the series. They make for a good plot point for shows that unrealistically depict high school, but they’re more fun to go to in real life. If you’re getting antsy waiting for CMJ to start, go to NYU-MEISA’s Battle of the Bands tonight. Unlike on fictional battle of the bands, the NYU-MEISA battle will cover a wide range of genres, from metal to electro-pop to neo-soul. The winning band gets a pretty badass prize: a spot on the NYU CMJ showcase at the end of marathon. And if the bands tie, maybe they’ll pick a winner by having a cage match.

NYU-MEISA Battle of the Bands, with MEM, The Brothers Frank, Kevin Haden, Amadeus, Analogue Transit, Ben and Adam and Natti Vogel
Kimmel Center Eisner and Lubin Auditorium
60 Washington Square South [Manhattan]
Friday, October 9 doors at 7pm, show at 8pm
$8 at the door, $6 in advance from Ticket Central



Salvation Army Coat Sale

Need a new jacket? Don’t mind digging through racks of garments that look like muppet skin to find a sweet peacoat? Ready to wade through a crowd to find said coat? Go to the big Salvation Army in Manhattan tomorrow. They’re having their annual coat sale where they open up their warehouse, and offer some kind of discount.

Salvation Army Coat Sale
536 W 46th St @ Eleventh Ave
Saturday, October 10, 9 am to 6 pm

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