FREE Rock n’ Roll at Norwood: Madison South!

This is what a band looks like when its on stage.

This is what a band looks like when it's on stage.

Madison South, whose name sounds equally at home as a reality-series title, will deliver some rock n’roll with a southern accent (and purdy hair) for all of the sub Mason-Dixon transplants and fans at the Norwood. If for nothing else, check out the “discreet” 4-story townhouse on 14th street that is a private club. The dude bartenders are suuuper hot.

Show is slated for 8:30 pm, but in true rock style, they’ll probably start closer to 9pm.

Insider Tip: The show is FREE, but buy the Miller High Life cans, otherwise you will be brokerer if you plan to drink.

Insider Tip 2: The venue has single occupancy bathroom to flask it, stress free.

FREE Music at Norwood: Madison South
214 West 14th St. btw 7th & 8th Aves
Wednesday, 10/21
8:30 pm

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