Wow, People Are Ripping Off My Ideas!

What’s the old saying?  Imitation is the best form of flattery?  Well if that’s the case, I should be feeling more special than a 15 year old Mexican girl at her quinceanera.  I just saw last night that someone completely ripped off the shirt that Kenny and I designed.  I mean really, just look at these two shirts below.

They look amazingly similar right?  The one on the left is our shirt, I mean for fuck’s sake it’s in my own damn handwriting.  Just look at this shirt below.  It’s the original shirt that I made with a sharpie and which the Young, Broke and Beautiful shirts are based on:

photo by Victoria Smith

I actually talked to a lawyer today about it and it would be way too expensive and not really worth it to go after these guys.  A) They live in London which makes copyright shit a bit more difficult and B) It doesn’t seem like they sell a whole lot of them.  But damn, I wish they’d at least drop me an email being like, “Oy, mate.  We nicked your idear, but jolly good work chap!” and maybe send me a little loot too.  But we all know that’s not gonna happen.

So I’d like to officially invite the weak-ass wankers who run Break the Labels, to come over to California and lick my sweaty asshole.  Seriously guys, it’s an open invitation.  Drop by whenever you’d like!  Truly the only flattering thing about all of this is that I’m in good company; they’re totally biting Banksy’s shit too!

If you think this shit is as wack as I do drop them a line and let them know.

P.S. When I first thought of the tag line, “Young, Broke and Beautiful” I’d never heard of Suze Orman.  But since then it has been brought to my attention that she has a book called Young, Fabulous, and Broke.  And I certainly hadn’t heard of the clothing line that stole the title of her book.

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  1. Boo to those London wankers. I’ll hunt them down when I’m over there this winter… And, I’ll get all the ladies of BitchBuzz to help me. :P

  2. SBJ says:

    I think I’ll just email them Bullet-Tooth Tony’s monologue from Snatch and be done with it. It seems fitting.

  3. teo says:

    well guys i’m from break the labels and i can tell you that we did not copy those guys.. we had a t-shirt beautiful dirty rich and we red an article about a book of cheap places in new york called young beautiful and broke so that’s where ew got our inspiration to do our t-shirt.
    nothing more then that
    we did not copy that

  4. Logan says:

    Teo, are you sure that your inspiration for this shirt (book of cheap stuff in new York) isn’t Stuarts book, SOLD ON THIS WEBSITE? That’s a pretty blatant case of copying if you ask me. Even if it isn’t Stuart’s book that you were inspired by (probably is) then using someone else’s tagline (Stuart’s) without asking is pretty tacky at best. At worst it’s plagiarism and illegal.

    Your company does make nice shirts though, and with all respect and honesty you should approach some up-and-coming businesses to do a sponsored partnership instead of blatantly apeing other people’s ideas.

  5. Hey Teo-

    That is actually my book. While the name of the book is technically “Broke-Ass Stuart’s Guide to Living Cheaply in New York” it’s mistakenly called “You are Young, Broke and Beautiful” because I’m holding a sign on the cover that says just that. Check out the cover right here:

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  1. Montreal + Broke-Ass Stuart + me = OMFG!

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