The Weekly Roundup!

While you’re all trying to sweat out that tryptophan and get that ass to fit back into that holiday dress, why don’t you check out the post-Black Friday version of the roundup, eh?

If you like cartoon or drawing-driven blogs, you’ll love Darcel. His pieces revolve around his life events, but this drawing of Kim Gordon and Thurston Moore from Sonic Youth was super awesome. Check him out! [Darcel]

Check out this awesome article from McSweeney’s on, you guessed it — holiday squash. [McSweeney's]

I know a lot of you ladies are trying to keep it cheap this year, so I direct you to InStyle’s great list of dresses under $100 dollars. Whether you’re a Joan or Betty, they have great choices for everyone. I personally am leaning towards this little sleeveless number. Sexy but sweet, no? [InStyle]

After the success of Proposition G, which makes the eviction of the elderly, terminally sick and the disabled without just cause illegal, Supe Eric Mar and others are trying to get the same law passed for families. Should be an interesting legislation to keep an eye on. [Mission Loc@l]

Did you guys check out Danielle’s awesome polaroid post this past week? You definitely should put one of those Fuji cams on your wishlist — I know I am! []

This badass painting was done on an iPhone. Believe it. Troof. [Muni Diaries]

Burrito Justice sends us a really important report on some of the most dangerous bus lines in the city. Not surprisingly, they don’t tell us anything we already know — the 14 was at the top of the list. [Burrito Justice]

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