A Jewish Christmas: FREE Chinese Food and Movies

Being Jewish means celebrating Christmas by not celebrating it.  Almost all Jews I know have some kind of tradition that stems from being left out during Happy Birthday Baby Jesus Day.  For example in my family we go to the amazingly delicious Phuong Trang on Convoy in San Diego and eat bomb ass Vietnamese food.  We’ll often splurge and get the battered and fried lobster (not kosher) in house special sauce.  Holy fuck is it amazing!  It’s pretty much my death row meal.

Anyways, for those of you who can’t be at Phoung Trang this year, you can take part of a general American Jewish tradition, Chinese Food and Movies!  Jeff’s Jewish Christmas Eve is going down on Thursday at The Riptide.  There’s gonna be FREE Chinese food, cheap drinks, and plenty to watch all night long.  Yup, it appears The Riptide is still pretty fucking awesome.  Thanks for holding it down for the Chosen People Jeff!

Jeff’s Jewish Christmas Eve
The Riptide
3639 Taravel St. @ 47th Ave.
[The Outer Sunset]
FREE Chinese Food and Movies

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    How super fun! Thanks for letting us know.