FREE Muni Service on New Year’s Eve

If you read the internet in San Francisco, you may have caught this one already: For the 10th year running SFMTA is providing FREE Muni service on New Year’s Eve. So save those two dollars, and bring a bag of ice or a stack of plastic cups to your party destination so you don’t show up completely empty-handed. (Etiquette is everything when accepting free drinks, after all.)

FREE Service starts at 8pm Thursday and runs until 6am Friday morning if you’re keeping the party alive well into 2010. But of course, this being San Francisco and all, it gets a little complicated depending on which sort of public transit vehicle you prefer to take:

- Muni Metro service extended to 4am between Embarcadero and West Portal.
- Extra Owl service from 1am to 5am on the 5-Fulton, 14-Mission, 22-Fillmore, 24-Divis, 38-Geary, 90 and 91 Owl and the L and N Owl bus routes.
- Service on the F Market historic streetcar line provided by buses after approximately 4 p.m.
- Buses will substitute for F Market streetcars after 4pm. (There goes your “Riding History into 2010″ photoshoot.)

And of course if you’re trying to make your late night escape from the city there are some late night options on Caltrain and BART as well:

- Caltrain will depart its final New Years train from the 4th and King streets Station at 2:15am, Jan. 1. All Caltrain and Samtrans service will be free after 11:00pm, Wednesday.
- BART will be open until approximately 3am, Jan. 1, but according to the press release: “BART service to the East Bay will be separated between Embarcadero and Montgomery stations. Pittsburg/Bay Point and Richmond trains will stop at Montgomery (not Embarcadero) and Dublin/Pleasanton and Fremont trains will stop at Embarcadero (not Montgomery).”

Confused yet? Me too, but it’s still better than getting caught in a DUI crackdown.

via: SFAppeal: Muni Free, Extending Hours on NYE

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