Half Price Wine at Nita Nita

Hey Thumper, why do I want to nail every doe I see?

With the spring time comes the phenomenon I first learned about in Bambi: every little animal is putting out pheromones and looking to attract a mate. This includes humans. If you find yourself trying to plan a hot date on a Tuesday night, I suggest Nita Nita in Williamsburg. Bottles of wine are half-priced every Tuesday. Their menu is tapas, so you can share tiny plates of mac and cheese and caprese salad. And unlike the last restaurant I went to with a repeated word title/catch phrase (read: Little Ceaser’s and the briefly lived “Prize Prize”), Nita Nita is just dimly lit enough for a cozy atmosphere.

Nita Nita Half Priced Wine Tuesdays
146 Wythe Avenue, between N8 and N9 Streets

[Williamsburg, Brooklyn]

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