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Bear Mountain and Beer, or, the First and Last TIme I Will Ever Advocate Something Athletic

Who will they eat first if things go the way of ALIVE? My money's on the guy with the walking stick

Sooooooo guys, happy Friday.   Via the awesome folks at Gothamist comes this amazing tip.  I read it and was like, “Next!” Not ’cause I’m a hater (I am) but because who wants to go in the woods and walk around on the dirt?  But you know what? I’m a growing changing being, expanding my horizons every minute and so why the fuck not?  PLUS there’s beer involved so, duh.

45 minutes from our fair city  is Bear Mountain, which boasts some of the best hiking trails in NY State.

This very weekend Zog Sports is hosting a trip out there, where you will spend the day hiking the newly green mountain, reveling in your summit glory, and then going to a local micro brewery Defiant Brewery for a tour and beer tasting. All that, and you’ll be back on city ground by dinnertime.

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Ashley Friedman - Cornerstore Correspondent

Ashley Friedman - Cornerstore Correspondent

Like most kids, Ashley grew up in New Jersey. Unlike most kids the Friedman's televison set acted as a third parent, imbuing young Ashley with the stern moral values of Claire Huxtable, the dramatic tendencies of Brenda Walsh and the earnest hopefulness of the blond kid on Silver Spoons. After graduating from Sarah Lawrence Ashley made her way to the Park Slope area of Brooklyn where she can currently be found reading foreign fashion magazines, scouring ebay for vintage heels, eating out in restaurants and otherwise stretching her meager income as far as it will go in NYC.

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