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Boobs and a Buffet: FREE Food at the Gold Club

Photo from yelp

Good Lord! Can I get a side of fries with that?

Awhile ago my friend friend Stephanie sent me an article from AOL City Search that listed a handful of places to get free food at happy hour.  The first thing I thought was, “Wow, City Search is still around?” because truthfully, I thought that yelp had put them out of business by now.  After looking over it I noticed that a lot of the places were already in my SF book, but at the bottom of the list I saw something that I had always thought was a myth.

A few years ago, when I was putting my SF book together, I had posted a note on myspace (that’s ho long ago it was) asking for suggestions.  Out of all the responses I got, the one that I thought was the most intriguing was from a girl I had dated briefly in college.  At the time of the email, she was a dancer in North Beach, and she told me that the Gold Club, a strip club in Soma, had a free buffet during the day on weekdays.  Now I’ve never been much of a strip club guy because, like the food network, it’s all right in front of you but you don’t get to taste any of it.  But hell, if there’s free food AND naked girls, who am I to say no?  I called the club and the person didn’t seem to know what the fuck I was talking about, so I wrote it off as something that maybe didn’t happen any more.

That was a few years ago and I’d forgotten about it until I got that City Search list.  I clicked on the link, and lo and behold, it’s true!  If you go to the Gold Club on Fridays from 11:30am-2pm there is a free buffet!  And apparently they have a relatively new chef who’s creating some tasty food.  So the question now is, how many of you am I gonna see there on Friday?

**UPDATE** This just came in through our reader Dottie:

There is a $5 cover and a two drink minimum, but the drinks are $4. At least that is how it was in April. But hey! Fried chicken and titties!  And the fried chicken is pretty good.

Thanks for the Update Dottie!

photo from yelp

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