Book and Tag Sale at powerHouse Arena

I like books. I’m one of those. I also like bookstores that aren’t boring and sterile. My skin shrivels a little when I walk past the Barnes & Noble on Court St. near my apartment and I feel a blast of recycled chilled air and see the sign for “religious self-help.” Next.

Luckily places like powerHouse Arena still exist. It’s not an actual arena, although it is shaped like one: they sell books there, and sometimes host interesting discussions with authors of said books. I’ve heard Colum McCann and Frank Bruni read there before. And right now, they’re having a sale. Books ‘n’ shit for 50 – 95% off. They sell a lot of lovely photo books as well as great fiction and non. Go get ‘em. You’ve got until September 6th.

Book & Tag Sale
powerHouse Arena
37 Main Street (at Water St.)
[DUMBO, Brooklyn]
M-F, 10 am–7 pm; Sat. – Sun. 11 am –7 pm
Up to 95% off

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