Blasphemy Returns with Storybook Burlesque’s The Bible Show II

Oftentimes, the best ideas are born out of a simple question of “What if…?” In the case with Storybook Burlesque, the answer to that question tends to lead to a curious marriage of literature and, well, boobies.

Storybook Burlesque this year brings back their successful 2009 production Bible Show, which answered the question of what happens when you combine the most popular book of all time with New York’s most popular form of partially nude artistic expression. This year’s offering, titled The Bible Show II: This Time It’s Personal,  will feature once more Storybook Burlesque’s unique take on Eve, Satan, Lot’s wife, and, naturally, Jesus – and is sure to be as blasphemous, edgy, and biblically irresistible as its predecessor. Show starts at 9 PM and tickets are $15.

The Bible Show II: This Time It’s Personal
Friday December 3, 9 pm
1208 Surf Avenue  [Coney Island]

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