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While your living room chairs probably aren’t sneaking up to get it on on your roof. Though, that would be preferable your stuffed animals singing the un-catchy, boring songs in the worst muppet special ever. Or maybe all your stuff does is collect dust while you’re gone, but you’ll never know for sure. Per Bilgren knows, because he’s been photographing the inside of the houses of strangers for years.

By posing as a handyman, Per went into people’s homes and takes portraits of the belongings of the middle class. He’s sharing his portrait collection and his stories tonight in Surreptitious Symbiosis as part of Pete’s Candy Store’s Open City Dialogue series. It’ll be a rare chance to look into the vinyl-siding homes you pass on the way to the bar.

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Surreptitious Symbiosis
Pete’s Candy Store
709 Lorimer Street between Frost and Richardson [Greenpoint, Brooklyn]
Monday, March 14

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