90s Night Tuesdays at Studio Square Beer Garden


What better way to ring in the anticipation of Spring than by going to one of the the biggest beer gardens in the city? And guess what? They’re now having a 90s night every Tuesday so you can live out your La Bouche Pandora station out where the world can see, instead of shamefully dancing around in silence so your roommate can’t hear. LIVE OUT LOUD, YOU GUYS.

There’s a happy hour between 3 and 7pm that includes $5 well drinks, half liters of beer, and Sangria. Some shots specials include something called a “Snookie’s Bush”, a “Burning Bush” and Bushmills shots for just $3, and $2 shot specials of Spanish Harlem and Davy Jones Locker. Sounds pirate-y! OH and there are 25 cent wings also. I think Long Island City just got a little bit closer.

Peep the Facebook event here.

Studio Square Beer Garden
35-33 36th st
Long Island City, Queens

Photo courtesy of FtheChef.

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