Celebrate Tuesdays with Tequila and Scary Movies


Bender’s got its name on a chilly Sunday night in May, when a certain writer found herself going beer-for-beer with a friend of high tolerance. Six hours later, the bartender asked them to leave, but not before providing her with an answer to the question, “Where can we get more beer?” It was the beginning of quite the bender.

I’m less of a boozer now, but I still have many reasons to love Bender’s, including but not limited to the photo booth and the seitan sandwiches. Here’s another: FREE Tequila Terror Tuesdays! Every Tuesday, the bar plays horror films and runs a $6 special: a Tecate and a shot of tequila. Ride your bike there and lock it up inside, get your drink on, maybe take a few tipsy photos with your friends. Then sit back with your liquor, and enjoy the scary show!

Tequila Terror Tuesdays at Bender’s
806 South Van Ness Ave. at 19th [The Mission]
Every Tuesday, 10pm – 2am

Image courtesy of moviediva.com

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