Watch The Goonies, FREE This Thursday in Lower East Side

I don’t know about you, but I absolutely love coming-of-age movies about rag-tag misfit preteens on an adventure.  Perhaps this is because I, like many others, was a certified street-kid– my childhood pretty much consisted of my neighbors and me playing Home Run Derby in the abandoned lot at the end of our block, spying on our creepy ancient neighbor who we called “Crab-O,” and trying to convince our resident strange child/probably-now-total-druggie-weirdo-adult, Jimmy, to eat dirt. We were your run-of-the-mill hoodrats– a life phase that doesn’t really exist anymore since today’s youth are all busy with Facebook and texting or whatever (I wish I could tell them that there will be plenty of time for those things when they get office jobs).  What my delinquent childhood sorely lacked, however, was treasure maps, chunky wise-asses in Hawaiian shirts, and disfigured fugitives.  Enter The Goonies, which is possibly the greatest cinematic homage to the street-kid ever created.

I’m sure 90% of you have seen and love this Steven Spielberg classic about a group of crazy kids on the hunt for treasure, so I won’t go into plot details– the important thing is that The Goonies is playing for FREE this Thursday, August 4th in Sara D.  Roosevelt Park.  Grab some snacks and friends and head over to the Lower East Side for Cory Feldman, a pre-hobbit Sean Astin, and the Truffle Shuffle.  Live out every kid’s (and this adult’s) cave-exploring fantasy adventure, and remember the days when cruising the neighborhood on your bicycle, hanging with your besties, and getting into trouble were your main obligations.  All of the details can be found HERE.

FREE Screening of The Goonies
Thursday, August 4th at 8:15pm
Sara D. Roosevelt Park
Chrystie Street (between East Houston and Canal)
New York, 10002 [Lower East Side]

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