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This week, what I really wanted to do was cover crafts and DIY projects involving Muni Fast Passes like this:

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but there are some obvious obstacles mostly in that, well, the Fast Pass is done-zo and the Clipper card just doesn’t have the same cache. However, three bucks will still get you a map of Muni and maps are aces for quick decoration. Here are ten quick ideas for getting a little cartography into your crib:

1. Frame a map. Frames can be expensive, so nab something at goodwill, and paint it up. Instant, easy, and classy.
2. Map mat. Instead of framing the map, use it as background for a framed photo.
3. Map magnets. Plain magnets are pretty cheap, so purty ‘em up some by covering them with your favorite local places on a map. (I think gold stars would be cool at the pinpoint of the location too..) Or, if you’ve got some half-marbles, you can use those instead.

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4. Letters. If you can buy cardboard letters, or construct some, they look pretty good covered in maps.
5. Cranes. Origami fans will dig map cranes! Map fans will dig origami cranes! Everyone wins! I’ll stop shouting now!
6. Journals- aka easy ubiquitous DIY project #7 – but hey, everyone could use a cool notebook, am I right?
7. Coasters – use Mod Podge, slap a map on something circle shaped, and drink up buttercup.
8. Decoupage walls. I’ve been meaning to dedicate some space to how much I dig decoupage, but for now let me just say that maps work perfectly to decoupage walls.

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9. Serving trays. We’ve talked about these before, but maps are a good material to use to cover trays.
10. Lamps. Maps can be used to easily spruce up a plain, light-colored lamp shade.

Not enough? Well, maps are also good for stuff like shadow boxes, gift tags, paper garlands, magazine covers, notepads, envelopes, and wrapping paper. That should keep y’all busy til next week.

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Amber Bouman - Crafty & Cashless

Amber Bouman - Crafty & Cashless

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