Tonight! SF Is Deserted; Celebrate with a Giants Game


In case you missed that memo, most of the rest of the free world is trekking out to the desert for Burning Man. This leaves the rest of us sane folks here in the city with little to do. But it also leaves tonight’s SF Giants game to attend without having to pay out the nose for tickets! Delightful bonus: It’s the 65th anniversary of a Beatles concert in the Giants’ former home of Candlestick Park, so you might expect some sort of nod to this because most of the populace has a massive Beatles boner.

Last year’s World Series champions the Giants play my “hometown” team (“hometown” in quotes because I actually grew up in Indianapolis, which does not have a major league baseball team): the epically bad Chicago Cubs! For whatever reason, my dad has been a lifelong Cubs fan, so much so that anytime he hears a rendition of “Take Me Out to the Ball Game,” he pulls a Harry Caray at the part that goes, “So let’s root, root-root for the Cuuuuub-biiieeees/if theeeyyyy don’t win it’s a shaaaaaaame.” I’m not a baseball fan, but shit, I’d pay eight bones to eat veggie dogs with mustard and hang out with Lou Seal (although he ignored me last time).

SF Giants vs. Chicago Cubs at AT&T Park
24 Willie Mays Plaza at King [Bayview]
Monday, August 29, 7:15pm

Image courtesy of David Banks/Getty Images North America via Zimbio

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