Drink N’ Draw at 3rd Ward in Brooklyn

Tough day at the office?  Unwind by sketching some naked chick and knocking back a few PBRs.  Totally awesome art studio 3rd Ward offers a life drawing sessions and beer every Wednesday night at an event called Drink N’ Draw– $15 for a solo ticket, or $10 if you bring a friend.

Hesitant to pay $10 for cheap beer?  Well, consider this– the event is all you can drink, plus you get to be around fellow artists and partake in some fun life drawing.  When you consider the cost of art classes in this city, $10 for dranks, draws, and friendship seems like a total bargain.  Plus, you’re supporting 3rd Ward, a magical place that provides cheap art classes for all of those creative types in Brooklyn (which is like, almost everyone).   Help out 3rd Ward, get tipsy, and make some art– the only thing you have to bring is your creativity!

Information for the Drink N’ Draw can be found HERE, and info about 3rd Ward HERE.  3rd Ward memberships are actually $29 a month– getting you into events like Drink N’ Draw for FREE!  Check it out!

Every Wednesday, 8-10:30pm
$15 solo, $10 with a friend, FREE for members
3rd Ward (195 Morgan Ave., Brooklyn)

Photo credit: 3rd Ward

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