FREE ‘Dragonslayer: The Movie’ Release Party Tonight at Public Assembly

To pretty much everyone’s horror, it snowed in NYC last Saturday.  Snow.  In October.  Too soon.  Can’t handle it.  Every time the weather gets shitty around here, my mood gets shitty too, and I complain endlessly about how I want to move back to the West Coast (even though deep down I love it here).  Well, praise to the sun-kissed, long-haired, cowabunga-dude gods, this week I can get a taste of good old Cali skate culture without even having to leave my Brooklyn neighborhood.  You can, too– just go to the FREE Dragonslayer movie release party at Public Assembly TONIGHT at 8pm.

Grand Jury Prize Winner for Best Documentary at SXSW 2011, Dragonslayer is an “intimate verite portrait” of Josh “Skreech” Sandoval, a 23 year old skateboarder from the cookie cutter suburbs of sundrenched Fullerton, CA.  Featuring all of the boredom and apathy that come with being a burnout in the ‘burbs, in a town with the same weather 360 days of the year–Dragonslayer captures all of that chilled-out, lazy-ass suburban sprawl of Southern California, and perfectly fits my endless summer needs.  The release party will also feature the sounds of Psychic Ills and Endless Boogie.  Add a little warmth to your New York existence with some jams, skateboarders, and an awesome movie, FREE tonight.  Get more info HERE.

Dragonslayer: The Movie Release Party
Tuesday, November 1st, 8pm
Public Assembly (70 N 6th St, at Wythe Ave.)

Photo credit: Public Assembly

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