High Voltage, a FREE Reading by Electric Literature

Come to Franklin Park this Monday at 8pm for High Voltage, a FREE reading put on by Electric Literature.  If this is the first you’re hearing of Electric Literature, here’s their beautifully simple mission statement:

Electric Literature’s mission is to use new media and innovative distribution to return the short story to a place of prominence in popular culture.

High Voltage is a monthly installation that includes readings from the magazine’s contributing authors, screenings of animated shorts and dancing (playlist put together by contributing authors).  Their mission is a welcomed challenge now that CNN has conditioned our minds to three sentences summaries.  And now we have GIF porn!  GIF porn.  Why would anyone read?

High Voltage 
November 14th, 8PM
Franklin Park 
618 St. Johns Pl (at Franklin Ave.)
[Prospect Heights]

Photo Credit: electricliterature.com 


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