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Emporio Rulli: The North Bay’s Best Bakery

My sweet tooth surrenders – I have finally found the perfect European bakery I’ve been searching for!  And who would’ve guessed that in all of the Bay Area, I found my little gem across the Golden Gate Bridge in the tiny little town of Larkspur? Yes, it is yuppie-ville over there – but if you can ignore the people and enjoy the quaint village feel you are in for the best pain au chocolat this side of the Atlantic. Trust me – I know what I am talking about after living with a French baker for a couple of years.

Emporio Rulli is an Italian Pasticceria that has delectable baked goods and excellent espresso drinks. They also have sandwiches and even a wine bar. It is basically and all inclusive cafe to meet all of your favorite indulgences. The interior makes you feel like you are in an old cafe in Milan – complete with tiny round tables and silly little chairs. Most of the staff is also European. Their black vests and accents may come off as a bit snobby – but I love their cultural past time of actually sitting down to enjoy a nice coffee and a gourmet pastry, instead of rushing out of Starbucks with a grande latte in a to-go cup and a stale poppy seed muffin. Emporio Rulli even has close to the same prices as any other American coffee chain – just be prepared for better products, and smaller portions.

Remember this place the next time you are dying for a real croissant. I heard that some people even drive over the Richmond Bridge to get here!


Emporio Rulli 
464 Magnolia Avenue
Larkspur [North Bay]



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Heidi Smith - The Ultimate Scavenger

Heidi Smith - The Ultimate Scavenger

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