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All day, everyday: get your Chilaquiles fix here

The Mexican Breakfast is the best breakfast. If you aren’t of the opinion that it is indeed the best, then I’m guessing you’ve never broken the taut, glistening surface of a fried egg yolk and watched its contents slowly swirl into salsa, beans and pulled pork; or cracked into a crispy-fried tortilla chip coated in cheese and scrambled eggs.  Most of us are at least familiar with Huevos Rancheros, a longtime gringo favorite but there are many other sphincter-searing delights: Slightly lesser known amongst those who don’t count Mexican food as a birthright are Machaca (“mashed” or shredded beef with scrambled eggs), Nopales con Huevos (eggs scrambled with tender strips of cactus), Chilaquiles (fried corn or tortilla chips, usually tossed with scrambled eggs and chorizo), and Chicharrones con Huevos (crispy pork skin with eggs).

The only problem, at least for me, is that I can’t always find a good Mexican Breakfast when I want it, i.e., after I’ve managed to extricate myself from my nocturnal cocoon, performed the routine bodily maintenance mandated by polite society and made my way out of doors and to The Mission District, by which time the clock usually chimes about 2 pm (there’s something almost declamatory about the phrase “Mexican Breakfast”, so heretofore I’ll be placing an exclamation point after everyone of it’s usages).  The Mission is full of all-day breakfast joints, but very few places fitting my criteria.  One of the few that does, to which I have only very recently become an adherent, is San Jalisco, on the corner of 20th St. and South Van Ness.  From the looks of it upon entering one Saturday afternoon, it wasn’t any kind of state secret; it was packed with a poly-ethnic crowd of varying social strata (read: middle-class whites and working class Latinos), a good indication of both it’s steadfast relationship with the community and au courant appeal.

All demographical bullshit aside, San Jalisco is great because it’s one of the few spots where you’re sure to get Mexican Breakfast! from 7am to 9pm, every day of the week.  The food is amazing (including a fiery red Posole, which a friend and I split in addition to our own entrees) and the nice folks behind the long Formica counter-top refill your coffee at least six times, which is just how Mr. Pink (sorry, Mr. Fink) likes it.


San Jalisco,

901 S. Van Ness St.,

[The Mission District]

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Matt Fink - Fatt Mink

Matt Fink - Fatt Mink

I grew up in San Jose, only 50 minutes away from S.F. My dad, brother and I came up often to visit family and/or to fart around, and whenever the car came over the rise on Hwy. 101 just after Candlestick Park, I could hear an almost audible "Click" in my brain. The blinding, beautifully rolling blanket of diverse urbanity spread out before our speeding automobile, coupled with draughts of the clean, cool air conspired to instill in me a growing discontent with San Jose. Add access to hitherto unknown strata of music, booze and food culture, not to mention pet-deification and testicular-separators, and I couldn't be kept away for long. Even after ten years of residency, the sight of a glistening pair of moose-knuckles swinging down Market St. still makes my heart swell with pride.