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BAS Pride 2013: FREE Performances, Art and More @ Queering Mythologies (6/25)/ Faetopia (6/21-6/28)


When it comes to picking and choosing what and where to highlight during seasons like Pride, it can be a bit of toughie. Ultimately, our goal is to bring you the cheap and the free, and yet about seventy-five percent of this week is anything but that. When outrageous covers, over-priced hooch/ drugs, and unrepentant capitalism are the rule, one finds oneself wondering, “Where are all the hippies man?? Where’s the free shit? Where are the hairy, genderfucking queers?? Where’s the LOVE, friend???”

Oh, right. Here it is- in the abandoned Tower Records on Market Street.

Yes, dear, fey, little ragamuffin readers, Faetopia, in it’s second year, is already under (although not without some last minute drama) way bringing you all sorts queer revolutionary installations and performances right in the middle of so much bright lights and Bud Light beads. And in line with our very own principles of broke-itude here at BAS, they have a very strict NOTAFLOF policy (No One Turned Away For Lack of Funds). Because this is San Francisco and that’s the way it should be dammit!…and because they are awesome.

The queerness started this past Friday and this year’s theme is Queer Revolution Now! It’s open both day and night, so do drop in whenever you feel like it, but this evening will be featuring Queering Mythologies by Diego Gómez (aka Trangela Lansbury) and Ben McCoy. A re-imagining of our histories, and therefore, futures, “so as to combat the material and spiritual effects of the marginalization of queer youth, sex workers, gender non-conformists, and transgender men and women.” There will be paintings, silk screens, film and performances by a dizzying roster including Kira Trinity, Manuel SoakinSoul, Jai Carillo, Jx Marie, Vain Hein, Julz Hale Mary, Jason Wyman, Elan Dia Vital, Kat Marie Yoas, Ri Molnar, Dee Leitner, and of course, Ben McCoy and Diego Gómez.

Faetopia is dedicatedly put on by Kyle DeVries, the Feyboy Collective and Calamus Fellowship and runs through Friday, culminating in a day of weed rights, conversations with Cleve Jones and a closing gala commemorating the anniversary of Stonewall and lots of Judy! Judy! Judy!

Put on your tacones, girl, and get there before it closes!


Queering Mythologies
6:00 p.m. – 10:00 p.m.
No One Turned Away For Lack of Funds (drop some cash if you can)


Ongoing (Friday, June 21, 2013- Friday, June 28, 2013)
2155 Market Street (@ Noe)
[Castro/ Eureka Valley]


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Stephen Torres - Threadbare-Fact Finder (Editor, San Francisco)

Stephen Torres - Threadbare-Fact Finder (Editor, San Francisco)

Stephen's early years were spent in a boxcar overlooking downtown Los Angeles. From there he moved around the state with his family before settling under the warm blanket of smog that covers suburban Southern California. Moving around led to his inability to stay in one place for very long, but San Francisco has been reeling him back in with its siren song since 1999.
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