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SF Sightseeing Tour Guide Loses Her Sh*t and Goes on an Anti-Chinatown Rant

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Either this is well placed street theatre or this chick really hates Chinatown.

Alexandra Liss sent this my way. Apparently it was this tour guide’s last day and the German visitors who were staying with Alex were on this tour. They took this video. The vociferousness of her rant is kinda amazing. Check it out below. The best part is at the end when holding a beer, she screams “FUCK CHINATOWN! GO GIANTS!”

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Broke-Ass Stuart - Editor In Cheap

Broke-Ass Stuart - Editor In Cheap

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  • DisorientallyInspired

    I would like to think that turtles and frogs taste better than monkeys and fruit bats. 😉

  • NYC

    My blood is boiling. This is so racist and ignorant and exponentially awful to watch because of the tourists willingness to applaud and participate.

  • Stephen Torres

    Apparently she’s never dined in the South.

  • Gordon Elgart

    I should be offended by the content, but I’m mostly offended by the fact that this is a vertical video. There’s something wrong with me.

  • Steve

    Assimilation is important.

  • Mr. James Duffy

    Does Southern California count?

  • cat sprat

    She was in over her head. Chinatown has a certain charm that holds an important place in the city — but I would never try to live there. It’s not assimilated; that’s what’s cool about it.

  • zodiakleo

    Ignorance will keep her down in life. I feel sorry for her. You can tell that she’s frustrated and bitter… people like this white black brown whatever basically find fault in others and not themselves. ..namaste.

  • Z15389

    Wow, this tour guide is so rude. Chinatown isn’t as bad as she makes it to be. People need to live. Why is she criticizing the food that they eat too? They can eat whatever they want. This is like criticizing Mexicans for eating tacos. Or Americans for eating burgers. Wtf

  • Urban II

    Fucking Black Ape. Blacks are Born for Slavery!

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  • Erudite, isn’t she? Learn a new adjective ’cause you’ve worn that one out. She’s perfect for LA and should just go there and stay, since she’s seemingly not equipped for anywhere else. Oh, and I believe the general consensus, with a multicultural twist, is…

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  • PeterBelles

    She is 100 % correct !!

  • Katie Lofton

    Bitch, take your sorry ass back to LA! San Francisco and Chinatown don’t need your ugly tude!

  • Samuel Riddle

    its all good. she is an angry black lesbian so she is a 2fer on the protected species list. she can say whatever she wants. the tourists probably forced themselves to laugh because they heard about what happens to white folks in the us when they dont totally embrace anything any black does. imagine of that was a white male with a southern accent saying that in oakland….woooooo weeeeeeee jessie and al would be on it as would all of the networks. she will get in no trouble here. its to be expected and excused

  • WOLD

    Typical black racist.

  • amazing grace

    Yeah! What a self-destructive jerk! Namaste.

  • amazing grace

    Preach, Samuel! Blacks and lesbians, the most privileged , protected peeps on the planet. Great job at pinpointing the root of the problem here.

  • zodiakleo

    You can stay in NYC douche…

  • Bill Smith


  • Bill Smith

    Chinatown. Another example of how the US carves out a little land for a class of people that should really go back to there own country.

  • Joe blow

    Agree with your comments. And hers. The vertical shit is offensive.

  • SF Native

    It’s “their country.” And the Chinese built San Francisco.

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  • DiskusSux

    You are an idiot. I hope your boiling blood cooks your brain…oh, wait…there’s be no difference between your stupid brain and a boiled egg.

  • DiskusSux

    You don’t feel sorry for anyone. You are just assuming the morally superior position to try to feel good about yourself.

    You suck.

  • DiskusSux

    Check your history.

  • DiskusSux

    You are an idiot. F&@k you too, along with china town.

  • DiskusSux

    What is a ‘tude?’

    SanFran is a crappy town. It needs to be nuked. Nothing but commies and fagz live there.

  • DiskusSux


  • DiskusSux

    There’s nothing wrong with you.

  • DiskusSux

    Mexicans don’t eat tacos. Americans do.

  • DiskusSux

    The part that bothers me about this is that she said all this while being paid to say other things. I don’t care about the content of her opinions; only thought police and communist PC stooges worry about that.

    She SHOULD have done her job, or just called in sick her last day.

    But at least she had the guts to speak her piece, unlike so many of you PC slaves with your assumption of snot nosed moral superiority.

  • Debo Jenkins

    Most privileged and protected?!?! You’ve got to the most ignorant person I’ve replied to! I mean do you really believe that? If so get out from under your rock. No matter how you look at it this fool was wrong point blank. However, that in no way entitles you to be stupid!

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  • There’s the one, lol.

  • fakeasfuck

    cops kill more niggers

  • fakeasfuck

    fucking monkey

  • zodiakleo

    It’s because I am superior to her. I do feel sorry for ignorant people that blame others for their problems and take no responsibility for them.