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Marijuana Thanksgiving Recipes For a Happy Danksgiving



Cannabis cooking has evolved so that there are now recipes to make an entire Thanksgiving dinner with marijuana-infused foods. Marijuana turkey, marijuana stuffing, marijuana mashed potatoes, marijuana pumpkin pie and other cannabis recipes have now been perfected and published. You should not consume all of these dishes in one day, you’ll hallucinate and puke and think you’re in hell. But preparing one or two of these recipes might make for a memorable (if not remembered) Thanksgiving dinner.

DO label marijuana-infused dishes so people don’t consume it unknowingly. DO NOT serve these dishes where minors are present. And I’m sure you totally all have a valid California doctor’s recommendation.

Your active ingredient in most of these dishes is marijuana butter. This stuff takes 24 hours to prepare, and that’s before you even start cooking the dish. So give yourself time. Thrillist has a great marijuana butter recipe but it’s a day-long project, and the recipe doesn’t mention that you need to decarb your weed first and then grind up the trim or shake really finely (and cut the weed amount in half if you’re using buds). For a complete range of marijuana recipes, I’d recommend Herb: Mastering the Art of Cooking with Cannabis which you can still get before Thanksgiving if ordering on Amazon.



Image” Flickr via Roucaled

The Weed Blog has a Thanksgiving Marijuana Turkey recipe, cooking times will vary by turkey size. Herb includes some great leftover turkey recipes for cannabis turkey meatballs and cannabis turkey, havarti and carmelized onion sandwiches.



Image: Flickr via Maggie

Here’s a lovely Marijuana Turkey Stuffing recipe from the Stoner’s Cookbook, albeit the kind that you cook inside the turkey. You can also just substitute marijuana butter for regular butter on any stuffing recipe, including your basic Stove Top stuffing.



Image: Flickr via Shockingly Tasty

The Marijuana Mashed Potatoes recipe at the Weed Blog also calls for Marijuana Milk, so add an extra 2 hours of prep time on this one. Or just substitute canna-butter for regular butter on any other regular mashed potatoes recipe.



Image: Flickr via rick

The Stoner’s Cookbook has an excellent Marijuana Pumpkin Pie recipe that’s the homemade kind but very easy to make. You can use a store crust and everything.

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