Elizabeth Warren Is Destroying Trump on Twitter Right now (Updated)

The revered Senator from Massachusetts has been asked by many to be the Democratic candidate for President.  She’s declined thus far and has refrained from endorsing any candidate.  Today she weighed in on one candidate in particular, the presidential candidate who has had 4 of his businesses declare bankruptcy in the past, the one who became a reality tv star by calling people ‘losers’, and the one most compared to Adolf Hitler.  Yes that’s right, the run away leader of the Republican race:  Donald J Trump.

Elizabeth Warren is a former Harvard Law School professor specializing in bankruptcy law, so it’s safe to say her opinion is valid when it comes to Trump’s past bankruptcies:

Now on his manners and character:

In case anyone was on the fence as to how the Senator feels:

Updated: 3/22 10am pst

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  • I know many folks who wish Elizabeth was running for pres this year. I’d vote for her.

  • ChloeZ

    Is she that immature and petty, or was she drunk when she tweeted those?

  • Jessica Elliott

    I think you misspelled “honest” and “blunt.”