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Learn about Renters Insurance and Possibly Win $150!


Guest Post by Amy Farah Weiss who currently works as the Operations Manager at the San Francisco Community Land Trust and has been renting in San Francisco since 2007.

Test your knowledge about Renters Insurance through this online quiz from the San Francisco Community Land Trust (SFCLT) – and enter your information for a chance to win a $150 Gift Card that you can spend on anything you choose … including a new renters insurance policy, of course!

Last month, Lisa Geduldig shared her story about being displaced by a fire that ravaged her San Francisco apartment. The silver lining? Lisa had a renters insurance policy which covered the cost of hiring a packing and moving company, laundry for her smoky clothes, reimbursement for furniture, a storage unit for a year, and subsidized rent. She ended the article by saying “Since the fire, I have been a broken record, telling everyone who rents to get it. Do you rent? Get renters’ insurance NOW. It can save your ass. It saved mine.”

Like many of you, I read Lisa’s story and thought to myself: “Okay, it’s finally time that I signed up for renters insurance!” And like many of you, here I am a month later without a policy. But my procrastination will end on September 8th, when I sign up for my first renters insurance policy in a live demo as part of the San Francisco Community Land Trust’s Renters Insurance Workshop.

SFCLT encourages Renters Insurance for Every SF Tenant

SFCLT acquired our first 21-unit building at 53 Columbus ten years ago in 2006, preventing the displacement of dozens of low-income residents and keeping the property affordable in perpetuity in the public trust. Since then, our portfolio has grown to include 12 buildings, 102 units, and over 175 lessee members (aka residents). The Land Trust occasionally gets a call about an overflowing toilet or a busted water heater that caused damage to the building and to residents’ belongings. As responsible stewards and owners of the buildings, we jump into action to make necessary repairs. But like any landlord, if the damage isn’t caused by our negligence then SFCLT is not financially responsible for damages to tenants’ personal property or alternative lodging or storage while the unit is uninhabitable. That’s where a renters insurance policy can make a huge difference in providing peace of mind and support when you need it most – and we are doing our best to get our lessee members, as well as tenants throughout SF, the information they need to sign up this month through a quiz and workshop.

Learn more through SFCLT’s quiz and/or workshop

Almost 100 people have taken SFCLT’s 5-question Renters Insurance Quiz since we launched it last month – and over 85% stated that they learned something new. Take it today and you can enter to win $150!

Want to ask questions and learn about signing up for renters insurance in person? SFCLT members are also invited to our upcoming Renters Insurance Workshop on September 8th to watch me, an SFCLT staff member, sign-up for my first renters insurance policy in a live demo. Not a member? Join today with a $24 annual membership that will apply for all of 2017 as well.

Here are some of the questions that we’ve received from our online quiz. These questions and more will be addressed by SFCLT’s Farmers Insurance agent, Flash Gordon, at the workshop. And yes, Flash Gordon is his real name (Flash’s uncle is Bob Weir of the Grateful Dead).

– If a landlord does something unlawfully (replaces a furnace with no building permit, and with unlicensed contractors), does this void any renters’ insurance policy?
– Are illegal in-law units eligible to purchase renters’ insurance?
– Are acts of god covered by renters insurance, as in earthquakes?
– Do you have a phone number for Farmer’s insurance so I can get a quote? I really would like to shop around.
– Does our storage unit covered with condo policy?
– Is Flash Gordon his real name?
– How much does it cost to add earthquake protection for limited equity coop residents.
– What are the deductibles for lessee policies at SFCLT locations? Out of pocket costs?

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