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Founder of Rocket Dog Rescue Mugged, Thieves Steal Donations Meant for Rocket Dog

Rocket Dog Rescue Founder, Pali Boucher, with a cute dog. Photo by Krisen Seidle for Rocket Dog Rescue

I got a message from a reader today informing me that Pali Boucher, founder of Rocket Dog Rescue, was violently mugged last night. Besides her personal belongings the thieves also got away with all the donations she’d collected at a Rocket Dog fundraiser earlier in the evening. For those unfamiliar, Rocket Dog Rescue is a “San Francisco Bay Area dog rescue organization run by a group of dedicated volunteers. We save dogs from death at over-crowded shelters and find them loving, happy homes.”

This is obviously sad for many reasons. It’s a shame when anybody gets attacked and robbed, especially someone so dedicated to doing good. It’s also heartbreaking because that money will not be going towards helping doggies that really need it.

If you feel like helping Rocket Dog recoup the loss please donate here. They will appreciate it immensely.

Pali gave me permission to share her original Facebook post about the mugging. Here it is below:

I hesitate to write this..
but I’m furious and hurt and a little banged up..
so here goes.

as I parked tonight about to step out I saw a fast shadow coming up close to my car and turned fast to lock the door but before I could four (5?) men,
one big oaf with a a gun/pretending to have a gun-
pulled the door open- pulled me out grabbed my throat and slammed my head against the car while saying “shhhh” (that’s crazy right?)
I yelled “F#%K NO” and shoved him back as hard as I could so that he stumbled and fell

but his buddies had already ran behind me grabbed everything and ran.

I’m upset with myself because it is literally the only time that I’ve not had a dog with me.

The thing that really hurts me is that I’d been out at a rocket dog event all day, all the RD donations and checks that were to be deposited in the morning -gone.
(headed to the bank first thing in the morning to put a stop on everything)

Credit cards, phone. gone.

I went upstairs to get my big giant hounddog girl Calamity Jane and ran down the hill searching for anything that might have been thrown out. nothing.
No use calling the police.
I’m really just so sad. really it just feels dirty.

Once again if you feel like donating here’s the link.

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  • Jamie Harding

    Done, happy to help…got our dog from RDR 9 years ago, best thing that ever happened to us!

  • President P. Grabber

    “No use calling the police.”

    Four to five men rob you and you don’t call the police?

    This story sounds totally sketch.

  • yubnub

    This sounds made up. Like you pocket the donations, then get more donations.

  • Yvonne

    You obviously have no knowledge of Rocket Dog.

  • Yvonne

    Learn where this occurred, and then you may understand why calling the police for a crime like this, even though violent, gets little to no response. Rocket Dog is amazing.

  • kay

    FYI I am STILL waiting for SFPD to assign an investigator for a case reg fraud I filed on the 5/1/2017. It is over a month of me calling them every week to find out the status only to be told it can sometimes take a year or two.
    So please keep your ignorant statements to yourself.

  • kay

    Exactly. Ignorant people making ignorant statements from behind the security of their monitor.

  • CLH

    I’m so glad Pali’s okay . . . This sounds really scary. Regardless of the police response, she really should file a report. For the folks who donated at the fundraiser if for no other reason. If any of those checks get cashed or those accounts later end up compromised, the police report will help those victims work with their banks or credit agencies to clear up the issue. While Pali was the only person physically attacked, she’s not the only person who could be impacted by this crime.

  • KoreanWarVet

    ‘Security of their monitor’? What in the hell is that supposed to mean? Would you have beat them up or something? For someone who’s supposed to be running a dog rescue organization you certainly have a short fuse.

  • kay

    where/when did i say i run a dog rescue organization?

  • NoCalDataDiva

    Secure from the public shaming they deserve

  • Cheryl Isbell

    You’re an asshole. This is on the up and up. Until you know the facts, keep your ignorant thoughts to yourself.

  • Cheryl Isbell

    Are you familiar with big city police departments? Obviously not. Please do not disparage this fine woman.

  • Family Paw

    Dear KWVet and yubnub: Rocket Dog has been around for a VERY long time and is a VERY well respected animal rescue organization. I encourage you to read up on the history of Rocket Dog and inform yourself as to who they are, who Pali is, and why it is so important for our community to rally behind her instead of bash her. I find it odd that you assumed the person you were talking to on this thread was the victim… there are many of us, our military family included, who support Rocket Dog 100% and don’t need any more negativity surrounding this heinous crime. Please show a little kindness and compassion. Thank you.

  • Jessica Browning

    I have adopted two dogs from RD and volunteered countless hours. If you are here being a stupid ass troll, please be gone now. If you have a heart and want to put your $ to good use on behalf of dogs in need and an amazing organization dedicated to finding them loving homes please show your support!

  • President P. Grabber

    I hav a home in SF, and a dog too.

  • Christopher Anderson

    Don’t be an idiot loser!!

  • Christopher Anderson

    You sound like a sketchy troll.

  • Christopher Anderson

    It doesn’t matter. You’re still a dick. You’re just a shitty faced little troll.

  • Vee

    I just donated $100. But now I am starting to wonder if it is true. I do think a police report should be filed. It doesn’t make any sense to not report a crime. I think I will withdraw my donation but will happily donate again once I know a police report has been filed.

  • miss415

    I wonder if these people targeted her knowing she would have the donations on her? Pali- i am so sorry this happened to you- maybe you could sign up for for some other way to accept payments instead of cash like Venmo, Applepay, or similar.

  • Ramsay Leimenstoll

    Vee, don’t worry – you don’t have anything to worry about regarding the legitimacy of Pali’s story. Thousands of people in this city know Pali, including me, and she doesn’t give her time, money, or energy to anything other than Rocket Dogs. She doesn’t have time to spend money on anything else!

    I’ve literally seen people break into a car and rob it in front of me – they were so fast no one could stop them. My fiancé and I called the polic – we were in a relatively low-crime neighborhood, at 8pm on a weeknight, three blocks from the local police station. It took them 15 minutes to arrive, and after they took our statements, they said there was pretty much no chance of them catching the people, and they don’t really investigate these crimes anyway. Nothing useful would have come of her going to a neighbor’s house to try and borrow a phone (remember, hers was stolen, and she was alone) to try and call the police. You can rest easy knowing there is no chance that your donation is unmerited or will be misused!

  • No_Diggity

    If you don’t file a police report you are part of the problem.

  • President P. Grabber

    I’m not a dick or a troll. I am a resident of the city who has filed police reports, and while I agree the police response leaves a lot to be desired, filing a report gives the police information to look for crime patterns and the like. Getting robbed and then treating the police as the enemy is foolish, imo.

  • Teresa Ferrera

    I am born and raised in SF and I understand it takes time and effort to get a report BUT it should be filed. There are others information to be considered especially on the checks that were stolen and other peoples opinion will question why it wasn’t reported. Thank goodness this compassionate and hard working person is safe but no one should be blasting anyone here regardless of their opinion. The point here is no matter where you live you must always watch your surroundings and in some cases no matter how you are prepared it can happen to you. When you volunteers make your comments and can’t use more appropriate language it makes the Rescue look bad.

  • Jackie Phillips

    Of course you call the police and report the crime. Of course!

  • Jackie Phillips

    If there is no report to the police, how are they going to know that anything happened? Of course a police report is made.

  • Jackie Phillips

    Still make a report!

  • Jackie Phillips

    Wrong. The report is still made.

  • Jackie Phillips

    Cut the crap and the name calling. People can make comments, just like you and not be called names. Grow up!

  • Jackie Phillips

    15 minutes? That is super fast and you are complaining? Geez, this isn’t internet police. These are real human beings with real jobs.

  • Jackie Phillips

    Wrong. It is called free speech and just like you are making comments, so can others. There is no rule that everyone has to agree.

  • Jackie Phillips

    You are making comments, just like everyone else.

  • Jackie Phillips

    Agreed! A police report should be filed. This is a business matter and business funds were stolen and a business member was attacked.

  • Jackie Phillips

    Cool you jets. Everyone can make comments, just like you.