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bannon grocery list
16 Feb 2017

Steve Bannon’s To-do-list Found in Piggly Wiggly Parking Lot

A to-do-list of Senior Counselor to the President Stephen ‘Steve” Bannon was reportedly found in a parking lot outside of a Virginia Beach Piggly Wiggly on Tuesday afternoon.  The White House has not commented on the authenticity of list but local sources inside the parking lot are almost positive they saw

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09 Feb 2017

Social Justice, Political Unrest & Incredible Music at the SF Symphony

Based on the texts of feminist writers, social activists, and the brilliant music of composer John Adams

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07 Feb 2017

Tech That Warns You Before Buying Trump Products

Do you wish to avoid enriching Donald Trump while he is holding public office?  Now there’s a Trump Boycott browser extension for that, it warns you when you are visiting a store that directly supports the Trump business empire. This is the first time in the history of the USA that

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Police painting
03 Feb 2017

Black Artist Censored By School District During Black History Month

San Francisco based artist Mark Harris was asked by the president of the San Jose NAACP to display his art in the administrative offices of the East Side Union High School District for Black History Month.  Mark Harris is an African American artists known for work that carries with it enormous  symbolism and graphic

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02 Feb 2017

Trump’s Refugee Ban Sparks Crowdfund for Muslim American Storytelling

Shocked by Donald Trump’s “Muslim Ban” last Saturday, The American Muslim Storytellers are launching a community crowdfunded grant: the Muslim American Storytellers Grant.

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31 Jan 2017

Cartoons On Trump’s “Muslim Ban” from Around the World

Artists from the Middle East, Europe & the Americas have spoken out on what is being perceived abroad as a Trump ‘Muslim Ban”

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alt epa tweet
26 Jan 2017

EPA, NASA & other Government Twitter Accounts are going ‘Rogue’ in Protest

The scientists are fighting back against Trump administrative action by creating ”unofficial’ NASA, EPA, & National Parks twitter accounts. At 12pm on inauguration day, the very instant that Donald Trump officially became President,  all mention of climate change was instantly erased from the White House Website.  It was literally the first

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