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trump cabinet hopefuls
01 Dec 2016

Trump Cabinet Choices & Hopefuls

President-elect Donald Trump has been busy finding people to fill 4,000 government jobs in his new administration.  After appointing Stephen Bannon the executive chairmen of Breitbart News to Chief Strategist, many are speculating whether the choice is signaling a trend in appointments. Bannon’s ‘alt-right’ Breitbart network has published articles with titles like “Bill Kristol:

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hella single 2
30 Nov 2016

HellaSingle: Comedy Show, Dance Party, & Singles Mixer

Are you tired of swiping right? Bumble making you humble? On an unsuccessful Hinge binge? Or tired of your dating life not Happn’n (get it!?)? Well, come to #HellaSingle! SF’s only comedy show and dating mixer for singles ready to mingle! Come laugh at world class comedians and maybe meet

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byron rabbit
29 Nov 2016

Kari Byron’s New Show Looks Dope

Remember when the star of Mythbusters came on The Kinda Late Show to chat with Stuart?   You know, the star of Mythbuster, a show where brainy creators got to fulfill their nerdiest fantasies?  Mybuster’s incredibly smart and captivating cast member Kari Byron is starring in a new awesome looking series on Netflix

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trump stock market
29 Nov 2016

How to Boycott Trump Companies & Affiliates

Never before in history has a President had so many conflicts of interest on the global stage. Now there is a reference point to keep an eye on the President-elect’s private holdings.

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ChorŽgraphie : Ousmane SY - 
Avec : Emilie BATAILLE, Audrey BATCHILY, AllaunŽ BLEGBO, Sarah BOUCHRITA, Mariam FOFANA, Diana IGBOKWE, Sarah NAIT HAMOUD, Linda HAYFORD, Aurle MBANI, Odile LACIDES, StŽphanie PARUTA, Luxisle SIEWE, Atoesa ZARE - 
Au son : DJ Sam One - 
CrŽation lumire : Steve GUENIN - 
Dans le cadre de la soirŽe Golden Stage du Villeette Street Festival - 
Le 9 mai 2015 - 
Photo : Beno”te FANTON
18 Nov 2016

Hip Hop Dance Fest in San Francisco Was Incredible

Dance crews from all over the world came with breath taking skills and blew the crowd away.  The dance performances were so well thought out and executed that they told clear, touching, stories.  They also get you incredibly fired up, the 18th annual SF Int. Hip Hop Dancefest is a place you may find yourself hoarse

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17 Nov 2016

MultiKulti Closing in the Mission

Tragedy on Valencia Street, just another victim of rising rent prices in San Francisco.  Mulitkulti, the store I have been getting my $6 dollar sunglasses and Burning Man accoutrement from for the last 10 years is closing. The owner Reda Darwish who is almost always found with a friendly, calm, smile behind the counter

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islamophobic cover
10 Nov 2016

Bystander’s Guide to Standing up Against Islamophobic Harassment

Have you ever felt powerless while a neanderthal is bullying a defenseless person in public?  There are tactics you can use to help, and they’re inspired by a psychological concept called “non-complementary behavior,”which involves responding to an aggressor with a warm demeanor, rather than responding with further aggression that could escalate the conflict. This guide was

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