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30 Jul 2015

Tech Company To Replace 70 Artists in Mission

The plan is to move in a tech company called PlanGrid to replace the evicted artists. Do you know what PlanGrid does? It makes apps that help developers and construction companies build faster. Now I don’t know if that is ironic or just sad. The Mission artists are being replaced by a tech company that helps developers tear down their neighborhood faster. Let’s STOP THEM

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29 Jul 2015

An Open Letter to Captain John Sanford of SFPD Park Station

This is an open letter from our friends at the Wigg Party.  We are publishing it because simply put…the Wigg Party is awesome, and this new cop…well, we will let you decide:   Dear Captain Sanford, Hi. You’re new here. Welcome. We realize that you guys get moved around a lot and it takes

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29 Jul 2015

Awesome Oakland Art Walk

Oakland is alive. Pulsating. Thriving. Unapologetically raw, quirky and pissed off…Deal with it, or don’t, this town is cooler than you’ll
ever be.

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28 Jul 2015


The TRO asks for judicial intervention to halt the sale of 104 affordable apartment homes, 80% of which are under Section 8, to an unknown speculator

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26 Jul 2015

All Over Coffee By Paul Madonna

I returned home to find an eviction notice taped to my door…

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25 Jul 2015

The Perfect Holiday Gift: Our Brilliant T-Shirts!

Our very own line of Broke-Ass inspired T-shirts are in. Check ’em out in the BAS Store!

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22 Jul 2015

Win a $600 Bidet by Telling us Your Funiest Pooping Story!

Contest winner gets the finest bidet on the market thanks to Brondell, our favorite SF bidet company. Yes really, we are giving away a bidet that attaches to your already existing toilet and squirts water on your butt. It’s amazing. You don’t have to go all the way to Japan

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