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Broke and Bored Activities: Reading NYC Signs

If you’re anything like my roommate and I, […]

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Don’t Be That Twee Patronizing Blog

I think it's great that there have, in the last few years, with the successes of Jezebel and The


4 Things You Can Totally Live Without in NY

When you lose your job, or you simply have to make some serious cuts in your current lifestyle to be able to continue to live or


Sexy Fleet Week Memorial Day Tours in New York (Meet Some Sexy Sailors for FREE, You Broke-Ass)

This piece is actually by Francesca McCafferty Ahhh, yes. Fleet Week in Manhattan. Many girls and boys of all stripes are excited


Kenny’s Trattoria: Quality Italian on the Cheap

Talk about a hidden gem. Kenny's Trattoria in Williamsburg not


How To Be a Wedding Guest

Spoiler: Don't wear crazy upstaging hats.

I've already covered the more questionable wardrobe decisions of certain coast areas, but


The Gibson: $35 Unlimited Oyster Wednesdays & More

If you haven't heard yet, I have some oyster and lobster roll

Schwarzenegger Inducts Local Luminaries Into First California Hall Of Fame

Strange Bedfellows: Dating Someone With Different Political Beliefs

If you're anything like no one, your world has been rocked by


Keg & Lantern: The Happiest Hour There Is

Keg & Lantern was born a poor black child. Just kidding, sorry, I swear I'm not an asshole


Dating Advice To Skip

Everyone always has an opinion about dating and relationships-- especially if you're a woman, everybody has the worst compulsion to