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17 May 2017

Responsible Topping: How To Keep Them Coming Back For More – A Review

It was a classic bait-and-switch. Who among us hasn’t told one of your boyfriends that you’d like him to take you out on a date and have him invite you to a human-rights lecture – But then have him remember he already bought tickets to a BDSM workshop – and having

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28 Apr 2017

What Have We Learned 25 Years After LA Rioted Over Rodney King?

At some point during the five days of America’s most destructive riot (over 1000 buildings destroyed by fire, thousands injured, & 53 deaths), a pretty blonde local news anchor stands in front of 28 armed men in Los Angeles’ Koreatown. The camera pans to the roof, and a man with the

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18 Apr 2017

Exploring the Kink in S-Town

S-Town is a novel of a podcast, from the producers of Serial. But it’s true. And like all Southern Gothic literature, depressing as all hell. I had to take breaks in-between listens to recover, emotionally. If you’ve stopped listening for this reason, I urge you to continue. The ending is

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14 Apr 2017

7 Cheap or FREE 4/20 Events in the Bay Area

I’m one of those people who got my medical card my second week in SF.  I’ll never forget the dangly earring, nor the sparkly barrette, that my doctor wore as he very sternly asked me where I’d be going to get my prescription filled. I had no idea! I barely

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10 Apr 2017

4 Ways The GOP is Currently Fucking With Women’s Right to Choose

In the month after Donald Trump was elected, 260,000 Americans donated to Planned Parenthood, 40 times what the organization normal gets in a month. Who gave was also different, with Millennials making up nearly half of donors. Most of those donations came from people who’d never before donated to Planned

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03 Apr 2017

The Truth About Polyamory in 4 Real-Life Scenarios

Alright peeps, I’m going to give you the straight scoop on the poly lifestyle. All these goons be out here trying to play like poly is 100% sunshine and rainbows. “Thank God for shared calendars! Hee hee!” Too many of us are out here trying to make a case that

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31 Mar 2017

5 Things You Need if You’re Moving to San Francisco

Pattern recognition is a sign of intelligence, if you didn’t know. I’ve only been here two months, but already I’ve identified five items that are so ubiquitous that you don’t need my off-the-charts brainpowers to notice that they’re everywhere. I’m starting to suspect they must be required for entry into The City, and

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