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13 Apr 2010

See a Sitar Hero and take FREE Meditation Classes

Feeling adventurous?  On Wednesday night, musicians from all around the world will unite to preform classical and modern arrangements of Maestro Sri Chinmoy’s soulful compositions.  This FREE concert is a tribute to Sri Chinmoy’s legacy and lasting impact with audiences across America, Europe, and Asia.  A little hippy-dippy, but what’s

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06 Apr 2010

The Lounge at Dixon Place: Cheap Booze, Free Live Music!

An exciting new spot for broke-asses has turned up on the Lower East Side. The Lounge at Dixon Place is now open for business and celebrating its upcoming grand opening with free music nights and a special party. The official grand opening on Thursday, April 8th, will feature music by

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30 Mar 2010

Meet Your Maker: Judgement Day at Union Pool

The band’s name is Judgement Day.  String Metal is their sound.  Be prepared.  This guitarless, percussive, high-energy violin, cello, and drums trio is, as our very own Stuart says, ‘œon some other shit!’ Judgement Day is in a realm of their own.  Brothers Anton and Lewis Patzner combine their innovative

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16 Mar 2010

(Pretty) Girls and Technological Activism

(Pretty) Girls and Lasers, the electro duo everyone seems to be whispering about, is moving their monthly party to Happy Ending, and the LES couldn’t be more ecstatic.   The boys will be in the DJ booth all night long, starting at 10pm, and from 11-midnight, there will be an Open

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09 Mar 2010

the Secret Science Club needs you

I have come to the realization that I am a bit of a geek.  Do you ever have that thought?  Like when you excitedly bought that used collection of the Boxcar Children (#12 ‘“ 47) from your neighbor’s stoop sale.  Or when you watched ‘œanimals-from-different-species-becoming-friends’ You Tube videos until 3am

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02 Mar 2010

Battle it out in Nora’s Court Tonight

What do you do when…. Someone runs into you and makes you drop your iPod but they won’t pay for the repairs. Your friend still owes you money from that time you spotted them to get into Six Flags and you think that they’ve taken so long to pay you

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23 Feb 2010

FREE Pancakes Today and the Peggy Lee of Punk: Phat Man Dee

So today is National Pancake Day!!  This means that you should go to an IHOP and fill up on your FREE short stack of buttermilk pancakes.  Offer good from 7am ‘“ 10pm today only.  The one catch is that they ask you to consider making a small donation to support

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