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22 Feb 2017

The Best Bathrooms To Shit For Free In NYC

By: Jonas Barnes  If you’re surprised I’m writing an article about where to take the best free shits in NYC, we need to get to know one another better. If you know me, writing about taking a good free shit makes as much sense as me writing about being fat.

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20 Feb 2017

The Best Anti-Trump Protest Signs

By Mar-Li Pitcher  You know the saying that every cloud has a silver lining? I mean, unless Trump is president, in which case we’re all fucked? Since Republicans were somehow hypnotized by Trump’s rhetoric and allowed Trump to be their candidate, it’s been nothing but an onslaught and a descent

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16 Feb 2017

Deconstructing Donald Trump’s Wall

By: Zoë Bernard Donald Trump’s wall is being designed right now. The President smugly promised this last week from a podium in Washington, further solidifying the surreal realities of a new era in American consciousness. Of course, we’ve become all too uncomfortably familiar with Donald Trump’s wall and the unending litany

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06 Feb 2017

A Dude’s Guide To Fat Shaming In NYC

By Jonas Barnes  Okay, I have to get a couple of things out of the way before we can really get into this. First: I’m a guy writing about fat shaming. Calm down and breathe. Catch your breath yet? Good. Second: I’ve been fat literally since birth. I was a fat

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30 Jan 2017

Why We Should Stop Using Donald’s Last Name

I will no longer refer to the current president by his last name and I encourage you to do the same. His beefed up bravado is a sham, a con, and his strength is all about image and brand. His last name is a big part of the scam. It was well crafted over decades of marketing campaigns and brand placement.

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26 Jan 2017

Independence is California’s Best Solution to Trump

By: Jay Rooney In the new year, Californians will face a very real existential challenge to our way of being. This challenge will come in the form of an unprecedented, unchecked conservative attack on California values. The social safety net that has protected us for decades, the efforts to mitigate the

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23 Jan 2017

The ‘Pussy Posse’ at The Woman’s March on Washington

Article By: Joen Madonna Executive Director of The night of the election, I didn’t cry. I was in shock. But I knew that I had to buck-the-fuck up. As the director of a non-profit that helps local artists living and working in San Francisco, I had to be strong for

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