Lisa Martin

21 Apr 2017

Did Anyone Else Notice the Horizon Spirit Cargo Ship That Was Here Too Long?

Photo Credit: Matier & Ross, San Francisco Chronicle Staff Photo Nothing was weird about the Pasha Hawaii freighter docked at Pier 30 as far as I could tell. Nothing, except that it stayed there for months, and that seemed odd. This isn’t the kind of thing you notice right away.

19 Apr 2017

Tiki Bars of San Francisco: Paradises and Deep Dives

OFF MENU IS SPONSORED BY EMPEROR NORTON’S BOOZELAND THE TENDERLOIN’S NEWEST HISTORIC DIVE.  HAPPY HOUR NOON – 7PM The first time I went to a Tiki Bar, I didn’t expect to love it, but I did. I loved it A LOT. I tend to like experiences and things that aren’t about taking yourself

07 Apr 2017

Where’s Everyone in Their 20s in Marin?

“My coworker says there’s no such thing as ‘the North Bay’.” I remember when my friend Stephanie told me about this weird argument she’d had and being absolutely galled because, at the time, I was living in San Rafael. (Plus, the North Bay is Craigslist official). But here’s the thing…