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07 Jul 2010

8 Great Dates Across America for Under $20

Dating Mistake Numero Uno: Spending the better part of a paycheck when you’re not even sure  he or she is gonna put out. Seriously. If you just dropped a few hundred dollars to impress someone and they don’t so much as feel you up through your clothes, it was a

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30 Jun 2010

How To Stay Cool in the City When It’s Hotter Than the Underside of Your Gramma’s…

Ever taken a ride on the Rank Express? If you’re a New Yorker, you have. It’s the one car on seemingly every subway train (usually toward the end) that doesn’t have air conditioning. And it’s always a surprise, isn’t it? There you are on the platform, sweatin’ like a whore

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23 Jun 2010

Times Square to Become Bubble Battle Central This Saturday

Glinda arrived via bubbles. Bert and Ernie got groovy (when the cameras stopped rolling, of course) with a bath full of bubbles. And the late Michael Jackson used to wear Bubbles like a backpack. (Yeah, I know one of those is not like the others, but this isn’t the SATs.

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16 Jun 2010

Make Money in New York City Even When You Don’t Have a Pot to Piss In

If there’s one thing that’s true about New Yorkers, it’s that we’re resourceful. It’s not easy living in this city – and it’s sure as hell not a cake walk trying to make ends meet. The ever-escalating cost of rent, food and public transportation is killer. And those are just

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09 Jun 2010

Yoga to the People: Pay-What-You-Can Yoga in the East Village

A few years ago – at a gym to which I was indebted for two years but only went once a week, if that (complete waste of money, but it paid for itself with the BJs I got in the steam room. Holla!) – I took advantage of a yoga

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02 Jun 2010

Get Cultured, Bank of America-style (and it’s FREE!)

Attention Bank of America customers: Whatever beef you have with the red-white-and-blue financial institution, squash it. At least for a couple days here and there. I’m not sure how I stumbled upon this little known fact, but BoA offers its cardholders FREE admission to more than 100 museums, zoos, science

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26 May 2010

Get Your Geek on at LED Lightsaber Battle NYC

I’m drug-free these days, but if I were still hopped up on ecstasy this would be fucking awesome! That’s not to say that you should pollute your mind and body with unknown chemicals, however. Because you shouldn’t. They’re dangerous, they’re deadly, and Nancy Reagan still wants you to just say

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